MITR is a campaign to build a movement enabling a total sanitation for a life changing impact of cleanliness and good hygiene to be delivered.

Sanitation is at the core of our program delivery and through our advocacy and campaigns ,we raise awareness of the fact that improvement in sanitation and hygiene are key to success of many other areas of development including health, environment, education, housing etc.

MITR ensures that the improvement we advocate are long term we promote behavior change and work with communities to review various sanitation option so they can make informed decision about which best meets their needs.
We innovate on solutions that are locally appropriate and cost effective.

6 Reasons Why Become Part of Miत्र?

Take a moment and observe your surrounding. Ponder over the thought that how the outside environment has a major impact on your inside living. The place where you stay, the sky under which you live have a direct correlation on how stable and healthy your life is, both mentally and physically. So being wise and responsible citizens we should take ownership of cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene in our surroundings.
This can be a part of your everyday routine or a twice-a-week activity. To achieve this Miत्र can assist you in raising the standard of living and improving public health, which is also our one of the Directive principle of state policy(Article 47). Kindly visit the reasons mentioned below on why you should be part of Miत्र and become a Miत्र camp, let’s make this world a better place to live.


Miत्र is an organization that will help you in providing capacity-building programs and manages the Sanitation process on a large scale. You must be thinking about how this is possible, we provide a service by bridging the gap between the sanitization demand in your premises. By linking with your local authority or raising funds (private) to provide sanitization products. The idea is to establish a sanitized and safe place for every individual.


Cleanliness is an everyday activity. It is a ritual that we follow to prevent major outbreaks and help to keep the environment healthy. Cleanliness does not mean only cleaning the floor or nearby areas, waste management plays a major role in keeping the surroundings clean and pleasant. We make sure that every member in the locality is involved here. We raise awareness about various cleanliness drives. Trying to bring behavioral changes among the citizens by sharing do-it-yourself ideas to create a healthy space and emotionally empowering experience.

Environmental awareness

We can only keep our environment clean by understanding how we are dependent on it for our healthy survival. One minor change in our behavior such as not using a plastic bag can help us protect our earth from climate change and global warming. When there is reduce in demand and we become an environment Miत्र the supply of environmental degradation products can be stopped. The use of solar panels for electricity in households, agriculture, or industries, generating awareness about environmentally friendly products becomes important and we at Miत्र contribute to the same.

Sustainable living

By replacing one-time use products with sustainable and long-lasting goods, we as a Miत्र can help in reducing the carbon footprint and contribute to saving the environment. Here, Miत्र provides sustainable products and ideas for your everyday use. For example, replacing plastic bottles and bags with copper bottles and jute bags respectively. Use of earthen pots for cold water in summer.

Vocal for local

Being close to your surroundings also means using such products which are naturally and locally available. Keeping that in mind, Miत्र has taken up this responsibility of becoming the voice of the local artisans, craftsmen, and shops which supports our idea of sustainable and healthy livings. This helps in keeping the tradition intact and also generating business opportunities for our Miत्र camps in our localities. 

Awareness & Action

By becoming a part of Miत्र you are performing the most honorable part. Our mission is to generate inbuild responsibility and belonging among people from all age groups and parts of the society. This cause can help in binding us together and becoming not only the Miत्र for your environment but also a lifetime Miत्र for humanity. Miत्र has become a platform for every individual in society. We believe in speaking and generating awareness and implementing practical and useful practices. 

After going through the reasons we know that Miत्र has woke up in you, who have the potential and concern regarding the negative environmental practices that are taking place. The urban spaces have overpowered the greener areas. To regain that trust from the environment we can contribute a bit more and become the Miत्र it has been missing.

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